Singer Update #2b — 6/23

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Hello Consort,

Apologies for the double email, but I got excited and wanted to get my earlier message out to you all even though I didn’t have everything quite ready.

I have put together a pronunciation guide that covers general rules for Latin and Italian (vowels and consonants), as well as specific pronunciation for Pleni Sunt CaeliCecílíadaHands Are Knockin’, and Sikirileke/Koloi. I know most of you are very familiar with Latin and possibly also Italian, but it’s there if you need it. The pronunciation portion is phonetic and includes word stresses.

I will be sending this to Dr. Boyd to see if he has corrections on the Sesotho pronunciation for Sikirileke/Koloi, but I transcribed it from the video featuring arranger Sabelo Mthembu’s choir—so I am hopeful it is very close to correct. If Dr. Boyd has corrections, I’ll update it and let you all know.

You can find the guide here, in the Members area of our website, and it will also be linked down below in all of our singer update emails. ~Amanda