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Bradley Ellingboe Guest Conductor

Bradley Ellingboe
Bradley has led a wide-ranging career in the world of singing, including accomplishments as a choral conductor, soloist, composer, scholar and teacher. As a choral conductor he has led festival choruses in 35 states and 14 foreign countries. As a bass-baritone soloist he has sung under such conductors as Shaw, Rilling, and Willcocks. Ellingboe has over 140 pieces of music in print. For his scholarly work in making the songs of Grieg more accessible to the English-speaking public, he was knighted by the King of Norway in 1994. As a teacher, the University of New Mexico Alumni Association named him Faculty of the Year in 2008.

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Photos from the Fundraiser Luncheon: https://gallery.willtoft.com/consortchoraleluncheon2019/

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Photos from the Concert: https://gallery.willtoft.com/consortchorale2019/

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