May 29: Tours – Introduction, 2014

Jon CurtisSeason of the Day, SOTD - May

In 2014 our touring moved north to the Baltics: St. Petersburg Russia, Tallinn Estonia, and Stockholm Sweden.  

Quiz of the Day
What was the nickname for this tour?
(Answer below)

Once again, our song of the day is “Hear My Prayer” by Moses Hogan.  This time you will see us singing it here:

  • Stockholm Sweden: St. Gertrude’s German Church
  • St Petersburg Russia: St Catherine’s Church
  • Pushkin Russia: Catherine Palace
  • St Petersburg Russia: Sts Peter, Paul, and Anne Church
  • Tallinn Estonia: Holy Spirit Church
  • back at St Gertrude’s with David Irvine conducting a rehearsal
  • evening concert at St Gertrude’s

Answer: From Russia With Song (James Bond 007). But the video was also known for its opening: “Back in the USSR” by the Beatles. It showed the route each tour member took to get to St. Petersburg. Unfortunately, Youtube does not allow posting of any Beatles music. You will have to find someone with the tour DVD to see the opening.