May 28: Tours – Introduction, 2011

Jon Curtis Season of the Day, SOTD - May

We continue the Introduction to Allan Petker Chorale tours with our second tour, to the Dalmatian Coast. Each tour will be highlighted using the Pocket Song, “Hear My Prayer” by Moses Hogan. The reason these make a great introduction is because the song was sung in so many different places, and the tour videos contain a mix of all those places.

Quiz of the Day
Name the song that became this tour’s theme song.
(Answer below)

From the following video you will see “Hear My Prayer” sung in the following places:

  • Dubrovnik Croatia: Saint Blaise Church
  • Split Croatia: under Diocletian’s Palace (inset)
  • Split Croatia: Saint Dominic’s Church
  • Ljubljana Slovenia: Saint Jakob’s Church
  • back to Dubrovnik, Saint Blaise

As a bonus, the song was included twice in the Dalmatian Coast tour video.  In this second copy are:

  • Bled Slovenia, Saint Mary’s Church
  • Ljubljana, closing dinner, thanking our Tour Guide
  • Saying goodbye at the hotel in Ljubljana 

 Bonus quiz: what was our Tour Guide’s name? 

Answers: A Croatian Klapa song, “In Vino Veritas” (“In wine there is truth”, or perhaps, “under the influence of alcohol, a person tells the truth”). Our tour guide, Andrea Berkovic, introduced it to us. You can view it on Youtube,, sung by Klapa Ragusa, from the same steps where we first sang in Dubrovnik.