May 19: Opus 1 Invitation, 1994

Jon CurtisSeason of the Day, SOTD - May

First a word from Allan:

I am so grateful to Jon Curtis for searching the Consort archives and resurrecting musical moments from our past.  Consort has been one of the surprise joys of my life.  I am also grateful to Bob Friestad for joining with me so many years ago in pursuit of enjoying the choral arts with talented friends.  Through rehearsals and concerts and world-wide travel we have become more than a choir, more than friends – we are a family of passionate choral groupies.  Consort has enhanced our lives and it is a joy to revisit the past while we plan for an uncertain future.  Allan

Back in 1994 we were only hoping to have a fun summer of singing which, if successful, we might try to repeat.  You can get a sense of our humble beginnings in Consort’s original Invitation Letter, April 13, 1994:


Quiz of the Day

Yesterday’s Answer: The three people who have been in every Consort Season from the beginning are: Bob Friestad, Allan Petker, and Martin Hillyer!  Kimberly Ayers and David Hanchette joined Consort in Opus 2, and have been in every season since.

Not sure if this should count, but Martin was the first to send in a correct answer!  Alexandra was a close second, and Ruthann not far behind.

Today’s Question: Today we are going back to our very beginning.  How many people have been part of Consort Chorale, all Seasons combined?

Give us your best guesses by replying to this email.