May 18: Opus 25 Concert opening, 2018

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Today we jump ahead 21 years to our 25th Anniversary Concert. On the one hand, it is quite exciting to see how far Consort has come. On the other hand … what happened to all those young people from 1997? We have aged well in song!

In 2003 we outgrew Stewart Chapel and moved down the hill to First Presbyterian Church in San Anselmo, where we have performed ever since. You may note that, by “outgrew” we mean both our audience size, and the size of the choir, not mention the addition of a wonderful Orchestra. More on that later.

Quiz of the Day
Yesterday’s answer: The 7 people who were in Consort in 1994 and again in 2019 are: Kimberly Ayers, Jon Curtis, Bob Friestad, David Hanchette, Martin Hillyer, Allan Petker, and Martha Wall.
Congratulations to Nancy Scott who got 6 of 7 correct! (Everyone missed Allan.)

Todays questions: Of these 7 people, which 3 have a perfect record and have been in every year of Consort? Of the other 4, which are not founding members?

Please send your answers as a reply to this email.

Here is a link to the full program for Opus 25. Today’s video clip is:

A Jubilant Song (Norman Dello Joio, 1913-2008)
Poem by Walt Whitman, 1819 – 1892, from “A Song of Joys”
Soloist: Naomi Peterkin

O! Listen to a jubilant song. The joy of our spirit is uncaged, it darts like lightning! My soul it darts like lightning! Listen to a jubilant song, For we sing to the joy of life, and youth, and the joy of a glad light-beaming day. O! Our spirit sings a jubilant song that is to life full of music, a life full of concord, of music, a life full of harmony. We sing prophetic joys of lofty ideals. We sing a universal love awaking in the hearts of men. O! to have life, a poem of new joys, to shout! to dance, exult, and leap. O! to realize space and flying clouds, the sun and moon, O! to be rulers of life, O! to be rulers of destiny, and of life.

Norman Dello Joio was an American composer of Italian descent, and from a long line of musicians. A graduate of Julliard, he studied for many years with Paul Hindemith. In his distinguished career he also was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Music, and an Emmy. He served for years as Professor and then Dean at Boston University.