June 7: The Feast – Dessert, 1997

Jon Curtis Season of the Day, SOTD - June

Hope you saved room for “Dessert”, from Allan Petker’s “The Feast”.  He also wrote its text.  And in answer to yesterday’s quiz, here is his dedication for the work:

The Feast” was inspired by a wonderful book compiled by Robert Yagley and published by Barnes & Noble, Inc., called “Poems from the Table.” I thank my wife, Ann, for giving it to me and suggesting that I set some of the poems to music. I am also grateful to Robert Yagley for his kind assistance in directing me to copyright owners, to Curtis Brown, Ltd. for the use of the Ogden Nash poem, “Celery,” and to author, James Broughton, for his generous support in the use of his poem, “Food, food, food.

This collection is dedicated to our friends Craig Miller and Kimberly Ayers, who have not only been great supporters, but with whom we have enjoyed numerous excellent culinary experiences.

The Feast was premiered in a sequence of solo quartets by members of the Consort Chorale of the San Francisco Bay Area at their summer concert of 1996. Although this meal is most complete when all of the courses are consumed at one setting, no one would be banished from the kitchen for partaking in the “sweets” as tantalizing appetizers individually.

Allan Robert Petker