June 6: The Feast – Sweet Three, 1997

Jon Curtis Season of the Day, SOTD - June

If you’re not too full yet, here is Allan Petker’s “The Feast”, Sweet Three.  As noted in yesterday’s Quiz, this Sweet contains the shortest song ever sung by Consort, “Peas”, which is just 5 measures sung in 15 seconds.

Sweet Three also contains what is perhaps its most popular song, sung many times by both Consort and the Allan Petker Chorale on tour, “Do You Carrot All for Me?”  It has even been sung by some of our members at weddings.

  • Do You Carrot All for Me? (Anonymous Text)
  • Peas (Anonymous Text)
  • Cherry-Ripe (Text by Robert Herrick)
Quiz of the Day
You may be surprised to know to whom “The Feast” is dedicated.
(Answer tomorrow)