June 5: The Feast – Sweet Two, 1997

Jon CurtisSeason of the Day, SOTD - June

We continue eating, with Allan Petker’s “The Feast”, Sweet Two:

  • The Honeycomb (Text by Robert Herrick)
  • On Tomato Ketchup (Anonymous Text)
  • Eating Song (Text by Sir Walter Raleigh)
Quiz of the Day
You may have noticed that there is a pattern to these Sweets.  A longer song at each end with a short song in between.  In searching for the shortest song that Consort has ever sung, the top three contenders appear to be these interludes.

Yesterday’s “Celery” was 39 seconds, 12 words, 10 measures.  Today’s “On Tomato Ketchup” is 32 seconds, 17 words, 8 measures.  But the shortest song we’ve ever sung is in Sweet Three.  It is only 15 seconds, 5 measures (though does have a lot of words, 25.)  Can you remember what it is?  If you do, you should stay healthy and have some tonight!
(Answer tomorrow)