June 2: Opus 4 – Brahms, 1997

Jon CurtisSeason of the Day, SOTD - June

We begin a two part series with our earliest recording, our fourth concert in 1997.  This first part will feature a couple of songs from the concert, and the second part will be all about Food!

You have most likely noticed that there is a wide difference in the quality of the video recordings. This is because most years we have used member’s cameras, and those cameras have improved significantly over the past 22 years. The 1997 and 2003 concerts were recorded on a JVC digital tape camera that only supported 640×480 resolution. From 2012-2016 we have Standard Definition DVDs, 720p. Only 2017 and the more recent tours are in High Definition 1080p.

Today we hear Johannes Brahms, “Oh Heiland, Reiss Die Himmel Auf” (Oh Redeemer, Rend the Heavens).  You can find the program notes here: https://www.consortchorale.org/1997-season/#page3