June 1: Four Choral Critters, 2014

Jon CurtisSeason of the Day, SOTD - June

We begin a new month of “Season of the Day” with something completely different.  Four Choral Critters was arranged by Canadian composer Christine Donkin, and illustrates the wide variety of musical styles that Consort loves to sing. The lyrics are by Ogden Nash.


Behold the duck. It does not cluck. A cluck it lacks. It quacks.
It is specially fond of a puddle or pond.
When it dines or sups, it bottoms ups.

The panther is like a leopard, except it hasn’t been peppered.
Should you behold a panther crouch, prepare to say “ouch.”
Better yet, if called by a panther, don’t anther.

Whales have calves, cats have kittens, bears have cubs, bats have bittens,
swans have cygnets, seals have puppies, but guppies just have little guppies.

The one-L lama, he’s a priest; the two-L llama, he’s a beast.
And I would bet a silk pajama there isn’t any three-L lllama.