July 11: Composers – Kevin, Dream Land, 2016

Jon CurtisSeason of the Day, SOTD - July

Today we hear Kevin Memley’s “Dream Land” from a poem by Christina Rossetti.  It is number four in his pick of his top six favorites.

Kevin is currently the full time Music Minister of the Kingsburg Community Church in Fresno and has taught music in public high schools and colleges for 28 years.  You can read his full biography here.

Nancy Scott sent us this photo of comet NEOWISE.  Those of you who were on the Dalmatian tour may recognize that it is over Split Croatia.  Tomorrow is the last day it will be visible before sunrise.  Starting July 13th you can see it in the evening sky after sunset.

Where sunless rivers weep
Their waves into the deep,
She sleeps a charmed sleep:
Awake her not.

Led by a single star,
She came from very far
To seek where shadows are
Her pleasant lot.

She left the rosy morn,
She left the fields of corn,
For twilight cold and lorn
And water springs.

Through sleep, as through a veil,
She sees the sky look pale,
And hears the nightingale
That sadly sings.

Rest, rest, a perfect rest.

She cannot see the grain
Ripening on hill and plain;
She cannot feel the rain
Upon her hand.

Sleep that no pain shall wake;
Night that no morn shall break
Till joy shall overtake
Her perfect peace.

Rest, rest, a perfect rest.
Forever more.