July 12: Composers – Kevin, Moonlight and Rain, 2014

Jon CurtisSeason of the Day, SOTD - July

Number three on Kevin’s list is “Moonlight and Rain.”  Words and music are by Kevin and it is dedicated to and written “for my wife on our 11th Wedding Anniversary.”

Quiz of the Day
Who has been the youngest member of Consort?  (Hint, watch the video.)
(Answer below)

The moonlight gleams to earth and my love draws near to you.
The rain falls gently down and my soul is poured in you.
Let the very air I breathe be the blanket of your skin
and the music in my depths be the song in your heart.
For I am moonlight and I am rain.
And my love will travel to the end of ends.
For I am moonlight and I am rain.
And you my dear, are my love.

Answer: In the video, to the left of Alexandra Amati is her son, Ariel Camperi, who joined us in 2014 while home for the summer from Harvard.

However, there is an alternate answer, if we include everyone who has ever performed with Consort. In 2006, three girls from the Marin Children’s Chorus sang with us for a piece by Allan.