June 24: Composers – Sanford, Bless Us, Lord, 2018

Jon CurtisSeason of the Day, SOTD - June

Sanford’s introduction to “Bless Us, Lord, with Your Peace”

It’s funny where inspiration comes from. One day, in 2006, while changing music out of the choir folders at St. Gregory’s, I was looking at a piece that set Psalm 67 in the King James translation; “God be merciful to us, and bless us.” That work opens with an ascending scale. At the same time I was reminded of the delightful, contemporary translation of the psalm by Stephen Mitchell. These two thoughts came together in my anthem Bless us, Lord, with Your Peace, scored for five-part choir. 

Quiz of the Day
Can you name some of the associate directors Consort has had over the years?
(Answer below)

Answer: At first they were called “conductors” or “assistant conductors”. These were Martha Wall, Sally Johnson, Marilyn Davis, Clyde Niesen, Don Miller, and Ruth Kenny. Beginning with Martha in 2000, we formalized the title of associate director. Those who have served as associate directors include Martha Wall (12 years), Sally Johnson (10 years), David Irvine (12 years), RuthE Wells (10 years), and our newest associate director, Sanford Dole (6 years).