June 25: Gregorio – Dona Nobis Pacem, 2015

Jon CurtisSeason of the Day, SOTD - June

Program Notes: Joseph Gregorio is an award-winning composer and conductor. He was a professor of music theory and musicianship at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music from 2008-2009. We are grateful to his colleague, Dr. Alexandra Amati, a member of our chorale, for introducing his music to us.

Consort has been blessed to not only have several choral directors as members, but also some who are professors of music history and musicologists. Alexandra is one of them, and shares some additional comments about Joseph:

“I first met Joe when he auditioned for, and eventually got, the San Francisco Bach Choir Conducting Fellowship for 2005-2006. I was then the president of the board and Joe and I became friends, especially after our conductor David Babbitt passed away unexpectedly at age 54 in February 2006 and Joe took over the season for us. He then moved East with his wife (an amazing doctor) and kids and got his doctorate at Temple and masters at Yale.

“I personally love his music and though I had suggested to Allan we sing his Magnificat, Allan thought he would start with a simpler piece before trying something more complex. I believe he liked it.”