July 28: 25th – 2018, Mealor, Stabat Mater

Jon CurtisSeason of the Day, SOTD - July

We continue our miniseries of our 25th anniversary concert with “Virgo virginum praeclara” from Stabat Mater
 by Paul Mealor.

Welsh composer Paul Mealor started his compositional studies as a boy with William Mathias, completing his degree at the University of York with further studies in Copenhagen. His classical choral works, described as “beautifully spatial and evocative of landscape” have been featured in many programs on the BBC and topped both the classical and pop charts in the UK. Audiences around the world heard his stunning motet “Ubi Caritas” during the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. “Stabat Mater” was performed at his sold-out “all-Mealor” Carnegie Hall debut in 2016.

Persons of the Day: Consort’s Board of Directors

In the beginning, and for many years, consort did not have a formal board of directors, but it did (and still does) seem to have a lot of “Board Meetings” following rehearsals at various late night establishments.

This story is actually slightly rooted in fact.  In the early days, what we would call a “Board” was essentially Allan Petker, Bob Friestad, and our Treasurer Marty Friesen.  Usually at the first such “board meeting” after each season’s kickoff rehearsal, whoever showed up would sometimes vote on a few things, like the budget and perhaps some rules about rehearsal attendance and such.

In 2016 Consort became a nonprofit corporation and we had our first official board consisting of Allan, Bob, and now Kimberly Ayers who had assumed the position of Treasurer by that time.

After Bob and Allan announced their pending retirements in 2018, Ruthann Lovetang spearheaded a town meeting to discuss the future of Consort.  A working group was assembled which included David Raub, Jim Kamphoefner, Beth Carter, Mago Huffman, Jon Curtis, and Michele Baroody.

Thanks to Ruthann and the working group, a decision was made at the town meeting to continue Consort.  The three member board was then expanded by adding Ruthann, David, Mago, Michele, and Jon from the working group, and Betsy Levine-Proctor.

There were a couple of changes after that first year, and our present board now consists of: Ruthann – President, Allan – Artistic Director, Kris Irvine – Secretary, David – Treasurer, Jon – IT, Betsy – Fundraising, Lily O’Brien – Publicity, and Bob – Emeritus.

Virgo virginum praeclara, mihi jam non sis amara, fac me tecum plangere. Fac ut portem Christi mortem, passionis fac consortem, et plagas recolere. Fac me plagis vulnerari, fac me cruce inebriari et cruore filii. Flammis ne urar succensus. per te, Virgo, sim defensus in die judicii. Christe [cum sit hinc exire] stabat mater dolorosa [juxta crucem].

O Virgin, chosen one of virgins, do not be bitter with me then; let me weep with you. Let me bear Christ’s death, let me share in his passion and commemorate his wounds. Let me be wounded with his wounds, be intoxicated by the cross and the blood of your son. Lest I burn in flames, set on fire, O Virgin, may I be defended by you on the day of judgment. O Christ, [when it is time to pass away from here] the sorrowful mother stood [beside the cross].