July 19: Tours – Argentina 2017, Posadas & Iguazú

Jon CurtisSeason of the Day, SOTD - July

From Rosario we drove to the Buenos Aires airport and then flew to Posadas.  We performed at the Posadas iglesia catedral San José Obrero before continuing further north to Puerto Iguazú on the Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil borders for a visit to Iguazú Park and its massive waterfalls.

As seen in the movie trailer, the local Posadas chorus was Coro estable del parque del conocimiento.  From their size, formal attire, and sound, they were the most intimidating local chorus we followed.  As a result, we were challenged to give our best performance on the tour in Posadas.

Set against a background of the animals and scenes from Iguazú Park, we sing “Thula Baba,” a traditional Zulu lullaby arranged by Allan Petker.  The soloists are Andrea Fox and Kaitlyn Mayberry.

Quiz of the Day
What is the name of the raccoon-like animals that were prominent in the video?
(Answer below)

Thula thul’, thula baba, thula sana;
 Thul’ u bab’uzo fika, eku seni. (repeat)
Kukh’ ‘in kanyezi, ziholel’ u baba,
 Zirnkhan yisela indlel’e ziyekhaya,
 Sobesikhona xa bonke beshoyo,
 Bethi buyela ubuye lekhaya.
 Thula thula thula baba,
 Thula thula thula sana,
 Thula thula thula baba,
 Thula thula thula sana.

Keep quiet, my child.
Keep quiet, my baby. (repeat)
Be quiet, daddy will be back in the morning.
There’s a star that will lead him home.
The star will brighten his way home.
The hills and stones are still the same, my love.
My life has changed, yes, my life has changed.
The children grow, but you don’t know my love.
(The children grew, but you don’t see them grow.)

Answer: The animals are known as coati.  We saw them everywhere in the park.  You had to keep an eye on your food at lunch time.