August 15: Mozart – Vesperae Solennes, 2015

Jon CurtisSeason of the Day, SOTD - August

We begin Saturday morning with our one and only rehearsal with the orchestra.


Today’s first video, representing a rehearsal with the orchestra, is “Magnificat,” the last movement of Mozart’s “Vesperae Solennes de Confessore.” 

This beautiful composition by Mozart was first performed in September of 1780 in Salzburg. Mozart would have been about 24. Who commissioned the work and in honor of what saint is unknown, but it remains one of Mozart’s most popularly performed works.

Soloists are: Soprano – Beth Carter, Alto – Lucy Arnold, Tenor – Michael Petersen, Bass – Jim Kamphoefner

Each year, immediately following the Saturday rehearsal, we have a Consort party.

Persons of the Day: The Party Hosts
Our annual potluck parties over the years have been hosted by several members who graciously opened their homes to all the singers and their significant others.

Thank you to:  Lynn Callendar, David Hanchette, Naomi Peterkin, Jim Kamphoefner, Phyllis Mart, Jim Turner and Sandi Rubay, and Noralee McKersie.

For your virtual party, please grab some food and drink and listen to last year’s “Lunch with the Maestros” featuring Lily O’Brien interviewing Bradley Ellingboe and Allan Petker!  You can also view photos of the luncheon by Will Toft.