Subscribe to Consort’s Calendar

Subscribing to Consort's Calendar enables the events that you choose below to automatically be included in your personal online calendars. For example, if you subscribe to "Singer Events" you will no longer need to manually enter all the Consort Rehearsals to your own calendar.

This is not the same as the "ADD TO CALENDAR" buttons. They only add a static copy of an event to your calendar. When you subscribe, new/modified events will automatically be added/updated on your calendar as they happen.


  1. Choose events to include, from the options below.
  2. Copy the URL it creates.
  3. Go to your Calendar tool and follow its instructions, using the URL you copied.

Select types of events to include:

Additional settings:

Click to copy this URL, then paste it into your Calendar tool:


  • Each Calendar tool has different instructions. Try a search on "how to subscribe to calendar" for your Calendar. Here are some common examples:
    • Google Web:
      • Next to Other Calendars, click the +
      • Select "From URL"
    • iPhone:
      • iOS 12-: Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars
      • iOS 13+: Settings->Passwords & Account
      • Then: Add Account->Other->Add Subscribed Calendar
    • Outlook Web:
      • Calendar->Import->Subscribe
  • Setting alarms on events can vary. Some calendar tools have a global setting that will allow all events to have a default alarm at, for example, 15 minutes.
  • If you are a Member and are planning to sing with Consort in the coming season, go ahead and sign up for "Singer Events" now, so that you don't need to get a new subscription URL once you register.
    • Leave "Only show Singer events if registered" unchecked if you want to see the rehearsals show up on your calendar as soon as they are posted.
    • If you check it, they will only be added once you've registered.
  • If you decide that you no longer want to have Consort's dates on your calendar, you can unsubscribe in your calendar tool.
  • To change your event options, return to this page and get a new URL. You will then need to unsubscribe the old URL and subscribe to the new one.
  • If you have more than one calendar tool you may need to subscribe on each. For example, you may need to subscribe on both your laptop and smart phone.