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Navigating around the Forum
« on: Thu Dec 08, 16, 05:36 pm »
The Forum is organized like the folders on your computer:  On the Home page you can see the first two levels, categories like "Consort Members", and then Bulletin Boards, like "Member News". From there you can drill down into a Board, then into its Topics, and finally into the Replies and threads associated with the Topic.  For example:

  Forum: CC Members Forum
      Category: Consort Members
          Bulletin Board: Member News
              Topic: New videos posted to Youtube
                  Reply: One of our videos has over a thousand hits already!

Just like the folders on your computer, as you drill down into the various levels, you create a "Path" that is shown near the top of the screen.  This path not only tells you where you are, but each level is a link that enables you to go directly to that level.

For example, near the top and bottom of this page you should see:
CC Members Forum >> Consort Members >> Help >> Frequently Asked Questions >> Navigating around the Forum

If you want to return to the list of "Frequently Asked Questions", you can click on that part of the path.  Clicking on "CC Members Forum" will return you to the root, or Home page.  (Note that some of the links will not work unless you are logged in.)
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