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Adding, Modifying, Deleting, and Replying to Topics
« on: Fri Dec 09, 16, 02:25 pm »
To fully participate in the forum you will want to know how to work with Topics.  Permissions vary in different boards, so your options may be limited.  Examples:
  • Only Directors can add events to the Rehearsal Schedule board.
  • Only Note-Takers add topics in the Rehearsal Notes board (but you can reply to them).
  • In most cases, you can only modify or delete topics you started.
All the actions Add, Modify, or Reply to a topic take you to the same topic editing page, which is described in the FAQ, Writing and Editing Posts using BBC.  This FAQ describes where to find the buttons that get you started.

Adding new Topic: Go to a Bulletin Board where you have permission to add Topics.  There will be buttons above and below the list of topics, called NEW TOPIC.

Modifying or Deleting Topics:  Most likely you will only be able to do these operations on topics you have started.  Open the Topic and labeled icons will be on the upper right - Modify and Remove.  There is also a second, unlabeled Modify icon that appears in the lower right side.  This button allows you to modify the text in place, but this does not have the full BBC editor with Preview.  If you accidentally delete something, contact the Administrator, Jon Curtis - who may be able to retrieve it from the forum's recycle bin.

Reply to a Topic:  There are two ways to do this.  When looking at a topic, there is a REPLY button on the upper right side.  This takes you to the editor with only the Subject filled in.  A little lower is an icon labeled Quote.  Clicking this button copies the text of the post you are replying to, as a quote in your reply.  You don't normally need to include the entire text from the post you are replying to - so you usually trim the quote down to the part(s) you want to address in your reply.

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