May 25: Saint-Saens Requiem, 2017

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Today we honor Memorial Day with Consort singing the hauntingly beautiful Saint-Saens’ Messe de Requiem. Here are the program notes from our concert in 2017.

Camille Saint-Saens, was a composer chiefly remembered for his symphonic poems — the first of that genre to be written by a Frenchman — and for his pioneering efforts on behalf of French music. He was a child prodigy, a gifted pianist and organist as well as a writer of criticism, poetry, essays, and plays. A special thanks is due to Norm Proctor, who re-engraved the scores for the chorus and organ — a monumental task. We also owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Boris De Denko and Karen Brandreth who not only introduced the work to us but whose generous support made our orchestra a reality for this concert. It is with pride we acknowledge Amanda Hahn, one of our own singers, who will be featured on the flute in several movements.

The Requiem includes some of Consort’s finest soloists: Kyrie & Dies Irae – Beth Carter, Soprano; Michele Baroody, Alto; Michael Peterson, Tenor; David Irvine, Bass. Rex Tremendae – Michael Peterson. Oro supplex – Patricia Littman, Soprano; Michele Baroody, Alto; Sanford Dole, Tenor; Norm Proctor, Bass. Benedictus – Natalie Moon-Wainwright, Soprano; Melissa Muller, Alto; Sanford Dole, Tenor; Norm Proctor, Bass. Agnus Dei – Naomi Peterkin, Soprano; Martha Wall, Alto; Sanford Dole, Tenor; Norm Proctor, Bass.

Being in existence as long as Consort has now been, we have a growing list of members to be remembered.  The most active member and soloist we have lost was Michael Peterson, who sang with us for 20 years.  He was on chemo and went into Hospice in the spiring of 2018.  But once his treatments ended he began gaining strength, surprised us by coming to rehearsals, and then was able to sing with us that one last season.

In the previous year, he sang the Tenor solo in the Requiem’s third movement, “Rex Trememdae”.  If you do not have time to listen to the entire Requiem, it is well worth listening to this one movement, which you can go directly to using this link:
Members of Consort we remember today.  Their musical contributions to Consort have touched our hearts forever.
Member # Years Last Season Died
John Gibb 5 1998 2006
Jerry (Seward) MacKay 10 2003  
Jim Reif 5 2005 2008
Alan Johnson 4 2005 2015
Michael Maeder 6 2007 2017
Patricia (Morton) Berry 14 2007 2018
Ron Hawks 3 2008 2010
Jim Berry 12 2011 2019
Suzanne Young 5 2012 2012
Norlin Merritt 2 2012 2015
Elisabeth Zurlinden 4 2016 2017
Michael Peterson 20 2018 2018

Please let us know of any corrections or additions for this list.