May 23: Composers – Allan, Contate Domino, 2013

Jon Curtis Season of the Day, SOTD - May

We move ahead to the next video of one of Allan’s creations. But in between, we have also sung his “Peace of God”, “Speak of Peace”, “There is a Season”, and “Lead Me to the Rock”.

This brings us to “Contate Domino”, which is dedicated “to Robert Friestad, co-founder of Consort Chorale, San Anselmo, California, in celebration of its 20th Anniversary”.

Yesterday’s Answer:  Here is what Allan’s tattoo is based upon …

If you do not recognize the piece, you need to think no further than the name of his first publishing company.  Alexandra had the first correct answer.

Today’s Request
Being around as long as Consort has, we have unfortunately lost touch with some of our former members.  If you know the current whereabouts of any of these people, please reply and let us know: Kevin Massey, Jerry Seward (McKay?), Mark Stevens, Linda Emblem, Andy Anderson, Sterling Rainey, James Sudduth, John & Lisa Glenister, Kaye Turner, and Kathryn Yancy.