May 21: Composers – Allan, Give Me Words, 2003

Jon Curtis Season of the Day, SOTD - May

Allan has written so much wonderful music, it is difficult to choose just a sampling of his pieces over the years. Unfortunately, prior to 2012, we only have video of our 1997 and 2003 concerts. So, at least for now, we will reduce the selection by only including songs for which we have video.

This means we will be jumping past the in between years when we sang “The Circle”, “Truly Thou Art God”, “Resounding Praise”, and “Te Deum to Music”.

Fun Fact: “Resounding Praise” was commissioned in 1999 for Los Cancioneros in celebration of their 50th season. Many years later, in September of 2015, Allan became their Director.

And speaking of anniversaries, today’s piece, “Give Me Words” was written by Allan for Consort’s 10th Anniversary in 2003:

Quiz of the Day

Yesterday’s Survey Results: Unfortunately it appears that Allan’s attire is not a hot topic among our members.  But we can offer a few selections.  No one remembers the exact wording, but one T-shirt, given to Allan in the past, had the names of famous composers on it – something like, “Brahms, Beethoven, Petker”.

Then there are these …
From Allan’s recent video, and a well deserved rest at the end of the Argentina Tour.

Today’s question: Can you name any Publishing Companies that Allan either owns, or serves as a VP?  For extra points – How many are there, and can you name all of them?