June 27: Tours – Dalmatian Coast 2011, Lux Aurumque

Jon CurtisSeason of the Day, SOTD - June

This is our second Season of the Day piece from that very hot night at Zagreb’s Saint Joseph’s Church.  (The first was “Motherless Child” on June 14.) Here are the tour video’s program notes:

We hear Andrea’s introduction of this Eric Whitacre piece, and an opportunity to see the people gathered for our performance at Sant Joseph’s.  The performance itself is captured in six videos:

While gelato may not quite fit with Lux Aurumque, this was the location where we were on our own for dinner, yet everyone ended up at the same pizza place.  And for two nights in a row, we ended up at gelato places together.  Watch closely in the upper right corner for a photo of Drogo, our very skilled and prompt bus driver (who got applause a few times for passing slower vehicles and negotiating tight places).

Disclaimer from the tour videographer
Some of you may recognize the format of this video as being very similar to the video of Eric Whitacre’s first virtual choir, which was released the year before the tour.  I had not yet seen his video when this one was produced.  The creation of this similar format was due to early video editing software which did not have a way to view multiple cameras and select cuts between them.  Instead, each camera was placed and synced on a single screen.  But once this was done, I liked keeping all the cameras in their respective corners.  It is not a virtual choir like Eric’s, but a blend of five concerts and a rehearsal in San Anselmo.  Only the Zagreb concert recording was used for the audio.
Poem by Edward Esch, translation into Latin by Charles Anthony Silvestri

Lux, calida gravisque pura velut aurum et canunt angeli molliter modo natum.
Light, warm and heavy as pure gold and the angels sing softly to the new-born baby.