June 18: Tours – Eastern Europe 2008, Trnava

Jon CurtisSeason of the Day, SOTD - June

Our tour continued back across what was the Iron Curtain into Slovakia’s capital Bratislava.  We did a concert in a community hall nearby in Trnava. 

So, get ready to brush up on your Slovak, because while we were there, Mestská televízia Trnava (MTT) came to the concert and did interviews, including Allan. 

Here is also a video from the concert in Trnava, featuring “Camptown Races” arranged by Jack Halloran.  The scenes are of Bratislava.

Yesterday’s comments about Suzanne Young were almost correct.  She did start with Consort in 2008.  However she was not on the Eastern Europe tour.  The woman in the video thumbnail was Mary Purdy, who is alive and well in Southern California and will be joining us on next year’s Scotland tour. Here is a well vetted photo of Suzanne with Ruthann on the 2011 Dalmatian Coast tour.  Thank you to Naomi for catching the error.