July 23: Composers – Ariel, Hear I Am, 2017

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Did anyone notice that our tours miniseries on Argentina was missing the fourth city, Buenos Aires?  That’s because we have a miniseries overlap.  Today we feature that final performance from the Argentina tour and another work by the Argentinian composer, Ariel Quintana.

We have many Argentinian connections.  One of them is Daniel Canosa, who directs the choir at the First Presbyterian Church in San Anselmo, Marin Baroque, and the Echo Chamber Orchestra.  He is also from Buenos Aires, and was visiting at the time of our tour, so he was able to attend our concert.

Quiz of the Day
At the Consort zoom party last Saturday, what did Allan say was a favorite piece with the orchestra?
(Answer tomorrow)

With prior preparation, we sang “Hear I Am” with our local Buenos Aires choir, “Agrupación vocal cantori” at the “Basílica del espíritu santo parroquia nuestra señora de Guadelupe,” which holds the record for the longest name of a church we have sung at!