July 16: Tours – Argentina 2017, Movie Trailer

Jon CurtisSeason of the Day, SOTD - July

The Allan Petker Chorale’s 2017 tour was to Argentina.  It was winter there, though temperatures were as high as the mid-80s some days.  It was a tour with many firsts:

  • We were joined by a new chorus of Allan’s, the Los Cancioneros Master Chorale.
  • It was to a location outside of Europe.
  • Each concert started with an opening performance by a local Argentinian chorus.
  • The tour movie had a trailer that came out about three months before the release.
Quiz of the Day
As with previous tour miniseries, each day will feature a song at one of the tour cities or concert locations.  Can you name them?
(Answer below)

Here is an explanation for some of what you’ll see in the trailer.
It opens with tree branches scraping on the roof of the tour bus.

The opening music, like all parts of our tour videos, is something from the tour itself. 
It is a song about Córdoba that our tour guide introduced to us.

After the opening scenes from the tour, we meet our tour guide, Enrique (aka Pitu – which is short for Pitufo, spanish for “Smurf”).
He loved singing to us and leading us in songs on the bus.
He is also the one who set up the participation of the local Argentinian choruses.

Each chapter in the movie begins with a “Bonanza”-like transition featuring the local choruses.
The example in the trailer is from Posadas, in northern Argentina.

Remember that it is winter when you see a four-camera view of half the group in a boat under the San Martin falls in Iguazu, while the other half comments from the cliff above.

The trailer concludes with some clips of our concerts.
The last clip was another first.  We sang an Arial Quintana work with a Buenos Aires choir.

Answer: The places and concert venues of Argentina were: Córdoba and Alta Gracia, Rosario, Posadas and Iguazu, and Buenos Aires.