August 1: Tours – Closing, Buenos Aires, 2017

Jon CurtisSeason of the Day, SOTD - August

Today’s video features the Allan Petker Chorale once again singing Moses Hogan’s “The Battle of Jericho” this time in Buenos Aires.  It features the changing of the guards at the tomb of José de San Martin in the Metropolitan Cathedral.  He was known as the liberator of Argentina, Chile, and Peru from the Spanish Empire.  And indeed just about everywhere you go in those countries, there are churches, roads, town squares, and buildings named after him.

You will notice that the guards are marching in step to the music. Normally this is done by manipulating the timing of the video. However, in this case, they really were marching at the right tempo. When asked about this, Allan confessed that he had indeed spoken to the soldiers to let them know exactly what tempo to march. 😉

The video then goes on to highlight several places visited in Buenos Aires: the Opera House, the Evita Peron Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and the street art of La Boca.