Jon Curtis Past Concerts

"Something Old, Something New"

Sing Contate Domino - Kevin A. Memley
Dona Nobis Pacem - Joseph Gregorio
Missa Brevis Boreal - Matthew Emery
Requiem Canticorum - James Whitbourn
The Road Home - Stephen Paulus
Vesperae Solennes de Confessore - Wolfgang A. Mozart
Lux Aeterna - Kevin A. Memley
Swing Down, Chariot - Stacey V. Gibbs

Director: Allan Robert Petker
Associate Directors: David Irvine, RuthE Wells, Sanford Dole
Accompanist: RuthE Wells, Alla Artemova
Dean of Music: Robert Friestad

Beth Carter
Jane Cheshire-Allen
Selma Ehrlich
Marty Friesen
Amanda Hahn
Sally Johnson
Nancy Larsen
Betsy Levine-Procter
Patricia Littman
Phyllis Mart
Barbara McElroy
Natalie Moon-Wainwright
Lily O’Brien
Naomi Peterkin
Judith Ward
Alexandra Amati-Camperi
Lucy Arnold Michele Baroody
Gretchen Klein
Eleanor Hillyer
Maggie Huffman
Jan Lappin
Laura Louis
Ruthann Lovetang
Erika Peterkin
Lucinda Ray
Nancy Scott
Martha Wall
RuthE Wells
Elisabeth Zurlinden
Locke Anderson
Jon Curtis
Sanford Dole
David Hanchette
John Hart
Martin Hillyer
Michael Peterson
David Raub
Joe Stewart
Rob Angus Jones
Boris De Denko
Bob Friestad
David Irvine
Ralph Kalbus
Jim Kamphoefner
Bob Lappin
Charles Little
Don Miller
Jim Turner
First Violin
Michelle Maruyama
Brian Lee
Second Violin
Candace Guirao
Wieslaw Pogorzelski
Kelly Maulbetsch
Soprano Sax
Gene Burkert
Organist & Accompanist
Alla Artemova-Helton
Wieslaw Pogorzelski
Sing Cantate Domino (Kevin A. Memley, 1971-)
Sing, sing, sing, sing ... Cantate Domino. Cantate Domino canticum novum. Cantate Domino omnis terra. Cantate Domino et benedicite nomini ejus. Annuntiate de die in diem salutare ejus. Annuntiate inter gentes gloriam ejus. Quoniam magnus Dominum et laudabilis nimis. Terribilis est super omnes deos. Sing, sing, sing, sing ... Cantate Domino!
Sing to the Lord a new song. Sing to the Lord all the land. Sing to the Lord and bless his name. Declare his salvation from day to day. Declare God’s glory among the nations. For the Lord is great and greatly to be praised. Feared above all gods. Sing to the Lord a new song!
Kevin A. Memley is a refreshing and versatile composer whose works can be heard around the world. Many of Consort Chorale’s members were fortunate to be included in the performance of his "Magnificat" with full orchestra at Carnegie Hall this past May. Kevin is a dear friend of the entire chorale and we are blessed to have him serving as recording engineer for this concert.
Dona Nobis Pacem (Joseph Gregorio, 1979-)
Dona nobis pacem.
Grant us peace.
Joseph Gregorio is an award-winning composer and conductor. He was a professor of music theory and musicianship at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music from 2008-2009. We are grateful to his colleague, Dr. Alexandra Amati-Camperi, a member of our chorale, for introducing his music to us.
Missa Brevis Boreal (Matthew Emery, 1991-)
Kyrie, eleison. Christe, eleison.
Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.
Sanctus, Dominus Deus Sabaoth: Pleni sunt caeli et terra gloria tua. Hosanna in excelsis. Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini: Hosanna in excelsis.
Holy, Lord God of Hosts. Heaven and earth are full of Thy glory. Hosanna in the highest. Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord: Hosanna in the highest.
Agnus Dei
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis. Dona nobis pacem. Amen.
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us. Grant us peace. Amen.
Matthew Emery is a young Canadian composer with considerable promise. His writing contains a maturity beyond his years that has already caught the attention of conductors throughout the North American continent.
REQUIEM CANTICORUM (James Whitbourn, 1963-)
1. Introit
Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine: et lux perpetua luceat eis. Te decet hymnus, Deus, in Sion; et tibi reddetur votum in Jerusalem. Misereatur nostri omnipotens Deus et, dimissis peccatis nostris, perducat nos ad vitam aeternam.
Lord, grant them eternal rest, and may perpetual light shine on them. It is right, Lord, to sing a hymn to you on Mount Zion; and our vows shall be carried out for you in Jerusalem. May the omnipotent God have mercy on us and, wiping away our wrongdoings, bring us to eternal life.
2. Pie Jesu
Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem.
Gentle Lord Jesus, give them rest.
3. Alleluia
Alleluia. Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine: et lux perpetua tua luceat eis.
Alleluia. Lord, grant them eternal rest, and may light perpetual shine on them.
4. De profundis
De profundis clamavi ad te, Domine: Domine, exaudi vocem meam.
From the depths have I cried to you, Lord; Lord, hear my voice.
5. Lux aeterna
Lux aeterna luceat eis Domine, cum sanctis tuis in aeternum, quia pius es. Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine: et lux perpetua luceat eis.
Light eternal shine on them, Lord, with your saints for eternity, for you are full of goodness. Lord, grant them eternal rest, and may perpetual light shine on them.
James Whitbourn is an English composer and conductor who began his musical career with the BBC. He enjoys commissions from both sides of the Atlantic and has three Grammy nominations to his name.
The Road Home (adapted by Stephen Paulus, 1949-2014)
Poem by Michael Dennis Browne, 1940

Tell me where is the road I can call my own, that I left, that I lost, so long ago? All these years I have wandered, Oh when will I know there’s a way, there’s a road that will lead me home?

After wind, after rain, when the dark is done, as I wake from a dream in the gold of day, through the air there’s a calling from far away, there’s a voice I can hear that will lead me home.

Rise up, follow me, come away is the call, with the love in your heart as the only song; there is no such beauty as where you belong, rise up, follow me, I will lead you home.
Stephen Paulus is one of America’s most celebrated composers with more than 600 choral compositions, 400 orchestral works, many operas and extended pieces. His music is performed world-wide. His recent passing was a significant loss to the American classical music community.
(Wolfgang A. Mozart, 1756-1791)
This beautiful Mozart work was first performed in September of 1780 in Salzburg. Mozart would have been about 24. Who commissioned the work and in honor of what saint is unknown. It remains one of Mozart’s most popularly performed works.

1. Dixit (Psalm 110)
Soloists: Soprano - Marty Friesen, Alto - Michele Baroody, Tenor - David Raub, Bass - Jim Kamphoefner
Dixit Dominus Domino meo: sede a dextris meis: donec ponam inimicos tuos, scabellum pedum tuorum. Virgam virtutis tuae emittet Dominus ex Sion: dominare in medio inimicorum tuorum. Tecum principium in die virtutis tuae in splendoribus sanctorum: ex utero ante luciferum genui te. Juravit Dominus, et non poenitebit eum: Tu es sacerdos in aeternum secundum ordinem Melchisedech. Dominus a dextris tuis, confregit in die irae suae reges. Judicabit in nationibus implebit ruinas: conquassabit capita in terra multorum. De torrente in via bibet: propterea exaltabit caput. Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.
The Lord said to my Lord, sit at my right hand, until I place your enemies as a footstool for your feet. The rod of your power the Lord will send forth from Zion: rule in the midst of your enemies. Sovereignty is with you on the day of your strength, in the splendor of the Holy Ones: out of the womb before the light I begot you. The Lord has sworn, and will not repent of it: you are priest forever according to the order of Melchisedech. The Lord at your right hand crushes kings in the day of His wrath. He will pass judgment on the nations; He will pile up calamities, and shatter heads in many lands. He will drink from the rushing stream on the way; therefore He shall lift up His head. Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and forever, and for generations of generations. Amen.
2. Confitebor (Psalm 111)
Soloists: Soprano - Beth Carter, Alto - Ruthann Lovetang, Tenor - Michael Petersen, Bass - David Irvine
Confitebor tibi Domine, in toto corde meo: in consilio justorum, et congregatione. Magna opera Domini: exquisita in omnes voluntates ejus. Confessio et magnificentia opus ejus: et justitia ejus manet in saeculum saeculi. Memoriam fecit mirabilium suorum, Misericors et miserator et justus: escam dedit timentibus se. Memor erit in saeculum testamenti sui: Virtutem operum suorum annuntiabit populo suo: Ut det illis hereditatem gentium: opera manuum ejus veritas et judicium. Fidelia omnia mandata ejus: confirmata in saeculum saeculi, facta in veritate et aequitate. Redemptionem misit Dominus populo suo: mandavit in aeternum testamentum suum. Sanctum et terribile nomen ejus: initium sapientiae timor Domini. Intellectus bonus omnibus facientibus eum: Laudatio ejus manet in saeculum saeculi. Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.
I acknowledge you, o Lord, with my whole heart; in the council of the just and in the congregation. Great are the works of the Lord, chosen by all His desires. I acknowledge as well the magnificence of His deeds; and His justice endures from generation to generation. He has made memorials of His miracles, a merciful and compassionate Lord. He gives food to those that fear Him. He will remember forever His covenant. The power of His works will be announced to His people. So that He may give them the inheritance of the nations; the works of His hands are truth and justice. All His commandments are faithful, confirmed from generation to generation, made in truth and fairness. The Lord has sent salvation to His people; He has given His covenant for eternity. Holy and awesome is His name; The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who practice it have a good understanding. His praise endures from generation to generation. Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and forever, and for generations of generations. Amen.
3. Beatus Vir (Psalm 112)
Soloists: Soprano - Marty Friesen, Alto - Michele Baroody, Tenor - Sanford Dole, Bass - David Irvine
Beatus vir, qui timet Dominum: in mandatis ejus volet nimis. Potens in terra erit semen ejus: generatio rectorum benedicetur. Gloria et divitiae in domo ejus: et justitia ejus manet in saeculum saeculi. Exortum est in tenebris lumen rectis: misericors, et miserator, et justus. Jucundus homo qui miseretur et commodat, disponet sermones suos in judicio: quia in aeternum non commovebitur. In memoria aeterna erit justus: ab auditione mala non timebit. Paratum cor ejus sperare in domino, non commovebitur donec despiciat inimicos suos. Dispersit dedit pauperibus: justitia ejus manet in saeculum saeculi: cornu ejus exaltabitur in gloria. Peccator videbit, et irascetur, dentibus suis fremet et tabescet: desiderium peccatorum peribit. Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.
Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who greatly delights in His commandments. His seed will be potent on the earth, the generation of the righteous will be blessed. Glory and wealth will be in his house, and his righteousness will endure from generation to generation. A light has arisen in the dark for the upright; merciful, compassionate, and just. Happy is the man who is compassionate and generous, who chooses his words with discretion; for he will never be disturbed. The just will be eternally remembered, and will not fear evil tidings. His heart is ready to trust in the Lord. His heart is strengthened; he will not be troubled until he looks down upon his enemies. He disperses and gives to the poor, His righteousness will endure from generation to generation. His horn will be exalted in glory. The sinner will see and be angered, will gnash his teeth and sulk; the desires of sinners will perish. Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and forever, and for generations of generations. Amen.
4. Laudate Pueri (Psalm 113)
Laudate pueri Dominum, laudate nomen Domini. Sit nomen Domini benedictum, ex hoc nunc, et usque in saeculum. A solis ortu usque et ad occasum, laudabile nomen Domini. Excelsus super omnes gentes Dominus, et super coelos gloria ejus. Quis sicut Dominus Deus noster, qui in altis habitat, et humilia respicit in coelo et in terra? Suscitans a terra inopem, et de stercore erigens pauperem: ut collocet eum cum principibus populi sui. Qui habitare facit sterilem in domo, matrem filiorum laetantem. Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.
Praise the Lord, O sons, praise the name of the Lord. May the name of the Lord be blessed from henceforth and forevermore. From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the Lord is praiseworthy. The Lord is exalted above all people, and His glory is above the heavens. Who is like the Lord our God, who dwells on high and regards the lowly in heaven and on earth? Supporting the needy on the earth, and raising up the poor from the dust; in order to place him with the princes of His people. Who makes the barren one to dwell in a house as the happy mother of children. Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and forever, and for generations of generations. Amen.
5. Laudate Dominum (Psalm 117)
Soloist: Soprano - Patricia Littman
Laudate Dominum omnes gentes: laudate eum omnes populi: quoniam confirmata est super nos misericordia ejus: et veritas Domini manet in aeternum. Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.
Praise the Lord, all nations; Praise Him, all people. For His has bestowed His mercy upon us, And the truth of the Lord endures forever. Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and forever, and for generations of generations. Amen.
6. Magnificat
Soloists: Soprano - Beth Carter, Alto - Lucy Arnold, Tenor - Michael Petersen, Bass - Jim Kamphoefner
Magnificat anima mea Dominum. Et exultavit spiritus meus in Deo salutari meo. Quia respexit humilitatem ancillae suae: ecce enim ex hoc beatam me dicent omnes generationes. Quia fecit mihi magna qui potens est: et sanctum nomen ejus. Et misericordia ejus a progenie in progenies timentibus eum. Fecit potentiam in brachio suo: dispersit superbos mente cordis sui. Deposuit potentes de sede, et exaltavit humiles. Esurientes implevit bonis: et divites dimisit inanes. Suscepit Israel puerum suum, recordatus misericordiea suae: Sicut locutus est ad patres nostros, Abraham et semini ejus in saecula. Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.
My soul magnifies the Lord. And my spirit rejoices in God my Savior. For He has regarded the lowliness of His handmaiden. Behold, from henceforth, I will be called blessed by all generations. For the Mighty One has done great things for me, and holy is His name. His mercy is for those who fear Him from generation to generation. He has shown strength with His arm, He has scattered the proud in the thoughts of their hearts. He has brought down the powerful from their thrones and lifted up the lowly. He has filled the hungry with good things, and sent the rich away empty. He has helped His servant Israel in remembrance of His mercy. According to the promise He made to our ancestors, to Abraham and to His descendants forever. Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and forever, and for generations of generations. Amen.
Lux Aeterna (Kevin A. Memley, 1971-)
Lux aeterna luceat eis Domine cum sanctis tuis in aeternum. Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine, Requiem. Lux aeterna, et lux perpetua, luce at eis. Lux.
May light eternal shine upon them, O Lord, in the company of thy saints forever and ever. Rest eternal grant to them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.
This piece was given to Consort Chorale as a gift by the composer in recognition of our friendship. We have sung many of Kevin’s compositions and had the thrill of including him as our accompanist in two of his extended works just a few years ago. We are proud to premiere this beautiful piece tonight.
Swing Down, Chariot (Arranged by Stacey V. Gibbs, 1965-)
African-American Spiritual
CHORUS: Swing down, chariot, let me ride. Oh, rock, rock-a-me, Lord, calm and easy, I got a home on de other side.
1. Way down yonder in de chariot fiel’, I see ’em workin’ at de chariot wheel. I’m not so pa’tic’lar ’bout de workin’ of de wheel, but I wanted to see jus’ how de chariot feel.
2. Ezekul saw de wheel an’ he got on board; he jus’ wanted to lay down his heavy load. He wasn’ so pa’tic’lar ’bout de rumblin’ of de road, but he wanted to lay down his heavy load.
CHORUS (Rock-a-my soul in de bosom of Abraham. Six white horses prancin’ side by side.)
Stacey Gibbs is a true amateur musician who makes a living outside of music. His arrangements of spirituals have captured the attention of choral directors of professional, university and community choirs the world over. He had no less than three new works premiered at the most recent ACDA National Convention in 2015.

Consort Chorale consists of selected choral singers from the San Francisco Bay Area who are dedicated to the choral art form. Every summer, for the past twenty-two years, the group has auditioned in May, then gathered for almost-weekly rehearsals and an intensive week of nightly rehearsals, culminating in a crowd-pleasing concert. The unique "intensive" format comes with certain limitations, but provides an opportunity for singers to share in their love of choral music through the ages. We are indebted to our associate conductors, David Irvine, RuthE Wells, and Sanford Dole, and also Martha Wall and Barbara McElroy, whose assistance in preparation is immeasurable. Consort Chorale has toured Eastern Europe three times, and performed at Carnegie Hall.

Allan Robert Petker, founder-director of Consort Chorale, is an internationally known choral conductor, clinician and prolific composer with many published works. He is the Vice President of Publications for the Fred Bock Music Companies, and President of Pavane Publishing. He is the Artistic Director and Conductor of the Santa Clarita Master Chorale and the Los Cancioneros Master Chorale, and the Director of Music at the First Presbyterian Church in San Pedro. For the past 16 years he has served as Dean for two music conferences at Lake Tahoe.

Special thanks to the First Presbyterian Church of San Anselmo; Bob Friestad, Consort's unflappable Dean; The Madison Company Realtors for their assistance with our publicity; Marty Friesen for managing the web site and ticketing (with help from Jim O'Brien); Amanda Hahn, Alexandra Amati-Camperi, Lucy Arnold and Martin Hillyer for program assistance; Kimberly Ayers Petker, Allan McAllister, Kris Irvine, Will Toft, Terry Scott and Maggie Huffman, Reception; Kevin A. Memley, Recording Engineer; Good Shepherd Lutheran Church for rehearsal space and Stephen McKersie for his invaluable assistance.