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Suggestions for Copy/Paste
« on: Thu Mar 16, 17, 07:43 pm »
Copying and Pasting formatted text from other applications (Web pages, Word, PDFs) must be converted to Bulletin Board Code (BBC) formatting which is used by the forum.  It will not always appear the same and may need some additional manual touchups after the paste.  Here are some suggestions to help with that.
  • It may be better to start by pasting unformatted text.  Switching the editor to "Show BBC tags" first, then do the paste.  You can then toggle back to the normal editor to add the formatting.
  • If you are copying from another post in the forum, it works best by copying the BBC text.  Open the source post for Modify in the "Show BBC tags" mode, and then copy it.  Paste it into the new post while it is in the "Show BBC tags" mode.  This will give the new post the identical BBC formatting.
  • Consider using PDF instead - especially if your source includes images or special formatting.  Save your source as a PDF, attach it to the topic - under "Attachments and other options", then click on the PDF button to place the PDF into the document.
  • If all else fails, send the information to the administrator, Jon, as he will be able to enter it directly, using BBC editing.  This is almost always necessary if you want the post to include images or other special items, and it helps him to learn about problems that may be able to be fixed in future updates of the forum.
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