Author Topic: What's the difference between "Send PM" and Email?  (Read 511 times)

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What's the difference between "Send PM" and Email?
« on: Fri Dec 09, 16, 01:35 pm »
The forum provides 2 ways for members to communicate directly with other members:  Send PM (Personal Message), or send an Email.

Sending a PM is particularly good when both members are online.  In that case, the messages are instant and the conversation can happen in real time.  And just like email, the forum will record and track the conversations.  Send PM may not be as efficient when the other member is offline.  By default, when an offline member gets a PM, the forum will send them an email notice.  But this can be turned off in your Profile - so the other member may not see your PM until the next time they log in.

Sending an Email to another member should reach them the next time they check their email.  However, emails are sent from the forum, not from you.  Thus the other member cannot simply reply to the email.  Instead, the email contains a link to your email address that they will have to use in order to reply directly to you.  The conversation will then continue outside of the forum and not be recorded or tracked.

You can find links to send either an Email (), or PM (Send PM or ) in the Member's List, a Member's Profile Summary, or in their Title on the left of any Posts or Replies they have made.