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What is a Forum?
« on: Thu Dec 08, 16, 05:40 pm »
A Forum is a collection of virtual "Bulletin Boards".  Each board contains a list of "Topics" that have been posted on it.  The FAQ page is a Bulletin Board, and each question is a Topic on that board.  The page you are currently reading is a Topic on the FAQ board.

The Consort Chorale Member's Forum has a number of boards with different settings, depending on your membership status.  "Members" are both the "Current Singers" and Alums.  "Current Singers" are only those singing in the current Season..

All members participate on boards in the "Consort Members" category:
  • Member News: Contains the Director's announcements and news topics posted by other members.
  • Calendar Events: Where members can share their upcoming concerts and other events.
Current Singers have another category, "Current Season", which has boards pertaining to their preparations of the season's concert, for example:
  • Season News: Including link to Drop Box music, Seating Charts, etc.
  • Rehearsal Schedule: Read-only - details of the Rehearsal plans.
  • Rehearsal Notes: Changes that need to be copied to the music.
The complete list of boards can be seen on the "Home" page when you are logged in.
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