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How to use the Forum
« on: Thu Dec 08, 16, 05:39 pm »
You can configure how you use the forum. 

On one extreme you can turn OFF almost all email notification and then proactively log onto the forum periodically to see what posts have been newly made since your last logon.  You will still receive the "News" announcement emails from Allan and Bob.  Those cannot be turned off.

On the other extreme, if you don't wish to contribute to discussions, you can turn ON email notifications for the entire forum and may never need to log on again.  You will receive an email every time something new is added to the forum.  You can also group the emails into once a day or once a week.

Most of us will probably turn on email notifications only for those boards we are interested in, or replies to posts we have made.  Each time you log in, you will see a list of new, unread posts, since your last login.  For the boards you are not interested in, you can go to the board and click MARK READ to remove the entire board's new posts from the list.  Then you will have a list of only those new posts you care about.

HINT: Unread posts will remain marked NEW until you read them.  When you log in, Show unread posts since last visit does not show all of your unread posts.  It only shows those new since your last visit.  To find all unread posts:
    1) if you see
No unread topics found since your last visit, then you'll also see Click here to try all unread topics.
    2) If you do have some new unread posts, there is a button on the right called
ALL UNREAD TOPICS that will show you the rest of them.