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What to do when something doesn't work.
« on: Fri Dec 09, 16, 02:43 pm »
As with any new software, it may be confusing or broken.  This is also new software for the Administrators, so there will be changes, new discoveries, and kinks to work out as we begin using the Forum.

If you get any error messages, try to remember what you were doing that led up to it and the date and time it happened.  Take a screen shot if possible, or write down the exact wording of the message.  Then contact the Website Administrator, Jon Curtis.

If you find any part of the forum confusing or doesn't work the way you'd like or expect - let us know by posting about it in Help -> Suggestion Box.  A lot of this forum is configurable, even beyond what regular members have permission to do.

And if you have found a clever solution to a problem you are having with the site - also let Jon know, as it may be something we should add to the FAQ.

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