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How to log into the Forum
« on: Fri Dec 09, 16, 02:40 pm »
To log into the Forum you will need either the username that was emailed to you in your Welcome letter or your email.  The username is permanent and cannot be changed.

You will also need a password.  Your original password was included in the Welcome letter.  But hopefully, for better security, you have now changed it to a personal password.

If you forget your password, there is an option on the login page that will send you an email with a link to reset a new password.

When you log in you also have a choice as to how long you stay logged in.  Unless you are on a public computer, most of the time you should leave Always stay logged in checked.  On public computers, even if you did set a time limit, you should always log out and close the browser when you are done.

WARNING:  If you will be editing or replying to Topics, do not log on for a set time period!  Leave the box Always stay logged in checked.  Why?  Because if your time comes up when you are in the middle of editing something, you will instantly be logged off and all your changes will be lost.