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Writing and Editing posts
« on: Fri Dec 09, 16, 02:36 pm »
WARNING: Whenever editing a large amount of text, be sure you have not logged in with a timeout, so you don't get logged out and lose your work. See FAQ How to log into the Forum for more information.

The forum has a basic text editor that will accomplish most of what you'll need in writing posts.  But there may be times that you want or need more:
  • Coping and pasting text can change its formatting, and may need some cleanup.  See FAQ Suggestions for Copy/Paste
  • The editor can sometimes get confused about what should be formatted
  • There are more advanced formats that the editor does not support (like the Code section below)
HINT: When needing images or more specialized formatting, consider saving your source to PDF and embedding it into the text instead:
  • Open "Attachments and other options" at the bottom of the page
  • Select your PDF to be attached
  • Click on the PDF button to embed it at the cursor
Text on the forum is formatted using Bulletin Board Code (BBC).  This is invisible in the editor, but can be seen and directly edited by toggling the view using the "Show BBC tags" button at the top of the editor:  

BBC works by embedding invisible tags in the text.  These become instructions for formatting when it is shown on the screen. 
What you see:  this is bold, italic, courier, and ::)
What the tags look like
Code: [Select]
this is [b]bold[/b], [i]italic[/i], [font=courier]courier[/font], and ::)
Here are a couple of good resources, if you want to learn more:
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