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Controlling the amount of email sent by the Forum
« on: Fri Dec 09, 16, 01:57 pm »
There are several types of email sent by the Forum.  (Not to be confused with Forum Personal Messages (SendPM) - which are messages sent to members only within the forum and appear under My Messages):

Announcements: These are only sent by Allan, Bob, or a Note Taker.  You cannot block these emails.  This will be the primary way that you will receive Consort information.

From other Members: In the Members list and on posts there is an email icon that will let members send each other emails.  This is turned ON by default, but you can disable this in Profile -> Modify Profile -> Account Settings, uncheck Allow users to email me.  (Don't forget to click on "Save" at the bottom of the page, after making any changes.)

Note: If you disable emails from others, it can still be possible for others to send you Personal Messages (SendPM) inside the forum.  Those are only readable by logging into the Forum, unless you have enabled email notifications when you receive a PM.  Settings for Personal Messages are found in Profile -> Modify Profile -> Personal Messaging.

Automatic Notifications: These are emails that can be sent when new topics or replies are posted.  By default, the only notification turned ON for you - is to be notified when someone replies to a topic you have created.

There are several places where you can control what automatic notifications you will get, and how often:

1. Profile -> Modify Profile -> Notifications
  • Disable automatic notifications for your own posts and replies
  • Limit how often notifications are sent: instantly, first instance, daily, weekly
  • Turn off notifications when a Moderator changes your post or reply
  • See and edit a list of the Boards/Topics where you have notification turned ON

2. On most Boards & Topics - you will see a NOTIFY button on the right side.  Clicking this button will turn ON notification for any changes in the Board or Topic.  If you later change your mind, you can either click the UNNOTIFY button in the same place, or go to your profile, as indicated above, and disable it from the list shown there.

3. If you have notification turned ON for posts and replies you make, it is possible to override that on a case-by-case basis.  Before posting the new topic/reply, open up Attachments and other options at the bottom and uncheck Notify me of replies.

4. Automatic notices when you receive internal Forum Personal Messages, is set in Profile -> Modify Profile -> Personal Messaging.