Festival Registration

Welcome to the online Registration page for Consort's Festival Workshop, "Let Us Sing" January 7-9, 2022.

This page includes the new Invitation letter below. It has further information for those who were already signed up for the previously scheduled Festival last August. If you are newly signing up for the Festival, your registration instructions start here ...

Options for registering online

  • Register via email to Ruthann at: RLovetang@comcast.net
  • Or register via a Text message to Ruthann at: 415-897-3049

Include your name and your vaccination status, using either a photo of your vaccination card, or your CA digital vaccination record (which you can create at: https://myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov/).

If there are any changes, please also include your new vocal part, address, phone, or email.

Then make your payment online using either PayPal or a Credit Card. There is a $1.44 handling charge, so the total is $51.44:

The Invitation Letter

It provides an alternative way to register, which avoids the handling fee. It includes a form that can be printed and mailed, along with a check and a photocopy of your vaccination status: