Join Consort Chorale

We want to encourage anyone to become a Member of Consort. Consort is becoming more than a summer program with an annual concert. In our second 25 years we are striving to become a community of singers, musicians, fans, and music enthusiasts. Some of the ways we are expanding are:

  • Bringing in world known guest directors to expose our singers to a variety of musical experiences.
  • Opening our online membership for anyone who is interested in musical events throughout the Bay Area.
  • Making it easy for our members to share their events via the website's News and Calendar pages.
  • Staying in touch through regular emails that include the other groups and events in which our members are involved.

Consort is also a volunteer organization. It happens because of the time and talents of our members. Via their online profile, members can also let us know of their volunteer interests and abilities for a number of vital tasks throughout each season.

If being a member of Consort is not right for you - you may want to consider signing up for our emailing list instead. On the emailing list, you will only receive occasional emails, about Consort's events and activities.

Request to become a Member of Consort

Please fill out and send us this form. You will then be sent information on how to log into the website.
Other than your email address used for our mailings, this information is only to verify your identity. We do not share this information with other groups.