Can we do Virtual Rehearsals yet?

Jon Curtis News about Consort Chorale

Several of us have been monitoring progress toward a Zoom-like possibility for doing rehearsals from a distance. The biggest issue is the latency introduced by the internet. If you've used Zoom you are already aware of the pauses and lag when others are talking. This prevents Zoom from working for a rehearsal setting, since we all need to be right there in time with the conductor and each other.

Allan sends this article about one of the latest possibilities. Bottom line is that nothing is ready yet, but we continue to hope for a solution that may enable us to do virtual rehearsals without having to wait until this pandemic is over.

If you want to know more about this field, here is the link from Allan.

"JackTrip Foundation is the most promising program to address latency and enable singers to rehearse together virtually that I am aware of.  It will cost about $200 a singer.  Here's the link:"